Deploy Frontity on Now

According to Zeit: "Now is a global deployment network built on top of all existing cloud providers. It makes teams productive by removing servers and configuration, makes serverless application deployment easy."

We strongly recommend this service as it is serverless, cheap, includes CDN, and really easy to set up. It also supports the cache technique stale-while-revalidate (they name it Serverless Pre-Rendering), a powerful way to improve your website speed.

First of all, you have to develop your project following the steps at Quick start guide. This deploy is supposed to be made once you have finished and you want to deploy it on production.

These are the instructions to deploy Now on Frontity, once you are ready to deploy your project:

1. Make sure you have an account on Now

If you don't have one, you can signup here.

2. Make sure you are in your Frontity folder in the command line

3. Install the now package in your project:

npm install --save-dev now

4. In your Frontity folder, create this now.json file and change your site url

You should create a JSON file with your preferred text editor and save it in your project folder with name now.json .

"version": 2,
"alias": [""], // CHANGE THIS!
"builds": [
"src": "build/static/*",
"use": "@now/static"
"src": "favicon.ico",
"use": "@now/static"
"src": "build/server.js",
"use": "@now/node"
"routes": [
"src": "/static/(.*)",
"headers": {
"cache-control": "max-age=31536000,s-maxage=31536000,immutable"
"dest": "/build/static/$1"
{ "src": "/favicon.ico", "dest": "/favicon.ico" },
"src": "/(.*)",
"headers": { "cache-control": "s-maxage=1,stale-while-revalidate" },
"dest": "/build/server.js"

5. Add a CNAME of to in your domain DNS settings.

If you don't know how to do this, contact your domain provider (GoDaddy, CloudFlare, etc)

6. Deploy Frontity using this command

npx frontity build && npx now --target production

EXTRA: Deploy without having a real domain yet

If you don't want to setup your domain yet, just skip point 6 and deploy your site using:

npx frontity build && npx now

Now will assign you a domain (something like that works exactly like your real domain would once you use the --target production command.

Still any doubts? Ask the community! We are here to help ๐Ÿ˜Š