๐Ÿ“– Guides

In this section we present a selection of guides that will help you to both work with, and to better understand, a variety of topics related to Frontity.

This guide outlines the various different WordPress configuration scenarios that you might encounter and what needs to be taken into account in order to properly set the URL of the WordPress data source.

This guide highlight some basic WordPress requirements needed for Frontity projects.

This guide explains what "Frontity Query Options" are and how to use them.

This guide explains how to manage Wordpress redirections with Frontity.

This guide will help you understand the structure of a Frontity project .

This guide will help you understand how mars-theme works.

This guide will give through the process of installing and configuring new Frontity packages or themes for your project.

โ€‹Keep Frontity Updatedโ€‹

This guide will take through the process of updating your Frontity project to use latest versions of the Frontity packages you're using in your project.

This guide will give through the recommended workflow to work with a Frontity theme os package in a way it can be properly shared with the community.

โ€‹SEO in Frontityโ€‹

This guide explains how you can optimize the SEO of your Frontity project.

โ€‹Troubleshooting guideโ€‹

This guide will offer solutions to common issues detected in Frontity projects.

JavaScript & React

If you are coming to Frontity from a different background, perhaps from the WordPress/PHP world, you may still not familiar with JavaScript or React.

We have prepared for you some guides to help get you start working with them:


This guide will give you a better understanding of which JavaScript concepts are used at Frontity and a brief explanation of them.


This guide will take you through the React key concepts that are needed to be able to understand and create a project with Frontity.

We are planning to add more guides on other important topics. If you have suggestions or ideas for other guides then drop us a line on our community forum.