Keep Frontity Updated

As in most projects, keeping Frontity and its packages updated is always a good practice. Not only you could use new features added, but also some security issues are usually detected and solved during these updates.

At this point, it is important to distinguish between your dependencies (npm packages you won't modify and reside in node_modulesfolder) and your local packages (packages you create or change at your will, and reside in packagesfolder). For more info you can check the page Learning Frontity - Packages.

Update dependencies

Essential packages such as frontity , @frontity/core or @frontity/tiny-router , and all your dependencies, are included in this part. These can be treated as common npm packages, so you can use the following command:

npm update

With this, you will update all your dependencies at node_modules, including Frontity, which means all your project will be updated except your local packages.

If you want to update just one package you can do it with this other command:

npm update my-package

Update local packages

These local packages, included in packages folder, are supposed to be modified by the users, so they won't be updated with npm update, because changes would be lost.

We are working in other ways to let you update these packages too without affecting your changes, or show what has been modified from your version.


Still have questions? Ask the community! We are here to help ๐Ÿ˜Š