Frontity allows you to optimize the SEO performance of your site and customize how your site is indexed by search engine crawlers.

By default, Frontity will deliver to your browser a fully populated and well-formed HTML file generated from your React code. This reduces the time required for the first contentful paint and ensures a good SEO score.

But that's not all. With Frontity you can also customize:

  • Meta tags

  • robots.txt

Header meta tags

You can include the meta tags generated by your WordPress SEO plugin in your React app so they can be properly rendered in the section of the final HTML

In order to do that you use:

  • The REST API - Head Tags WordPress plugin. This plugin has been developed by the Frontity team and it adds the meta tags generated by your WordPress SEO plugin to the REST API

  • The @frontity/head-tags Frontity package. This package is designed to automatically get all the data that the REST API Head Tags plugin exposes in the REST API


A robots.txt file tells search engine crawlers which pages or files the crawler should or shouldn't request from your site.

You can add the robots.txt file at the root of your theme (next to the frontity.settings.js file) and when you build and deploy your app for production, it will be automatically picked up by the Frontity server and served at https://your-site-url.xyx/robots.txt.

You can also check out our example of a theme that is using a robots.txt file.

Want to know more about SEO & Headless WordPress? Have a look at this postโ€‹

If you have any questions about Frontity & SEO then please come and join us in the community and ask there! Our SEO expert will be able to provide some advice to help you improve the SEO of your Frontity site.