Quick start guide

Right, let's get you set up with your very first Frontity project. This guide will take you from the very basics to feeling amazed at what you can do with Frontity!

Please check that you meet the Installation requirements before following the steps below.

Create a new Frontity project

Frontity has it's own CLI. You can create a new Frontity project with a single command:

npx frontity create my-app

Replace "my-app" in the command above with your own name for your project.

For those wondering what npx is you can take a look at this article. TL;DR It downloads an npm package to run just this one time and then removes it from your computer.

You will be prompted to select a theme. You can choose between Mars theme and TwentyTwenty. If this is your first time trying out Frontity then we recommend that you select Mars theme.

You'll also be asked if you want to sign up for the Frontity newsletter. Enter a valid email address if you wish to do so.

The command above will create a new directory with the project name you used. Change into that directory with:

cd my-app

Again you should replace "my-app" with your own project name.

Your new Frontity project will have the following structure:

|__ node_modules/
|__ package.json
|__ frontity.settings.js
|__ favicon.ico
|__ packages/
|__ mars-theme/

Start development

Now you can start a development server with:

npx frontity dev

This server will be listening to http://localhost:3000 and watching for any changes inside the packages folder.

The page should open automatically in your browser. At first Frontity will connect to our starter blog and so you will initially see our demo content.

Of course you want to see your own content appearing in your new Frontity site, so let's move on to the next step - connecting Frontity up to your own WordPress site.

Still have questions? Come and join us in the community and ask there! We are here to help ๐Ÿ˜Š