๐Ÿ’ป Frontity CLI

The Frontity command-line tool (CLI) is the main entry point for getting up and running with a Frontity application. It provides functionality like running a development server or building your Frontity application for deployment.

How to use Frontity CLI

The Frontity CLI (Frontity commands) is available via npm. You can run any Frontity command by doing npx frontity <frontity-command>

Run npx frontity --help for full help.


The frontity commands you have available are

You can also use --help with each one of these commands to get more info about them: npx frontity dev --help

A typical workflow with Frontity commands

In Development

  1. Create a Frontity project: npx frontity create my-cool-project

  2. Add a custom theme (package): npx frontity create-package my-custom-theme

  3. Launch a development server: npx frontity dev

In Production

  1. Generate a build of our project: npx frontity build

  2. Launch our project in production using the build generated before: npx frontity serve